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What is SilverSneakers®?

SilverSneakers® is a fitness and wellness program offered at no additional cost to seniors 65+ on eligible Medicare plans that helps you get active, fit, and connect with others.

The program is designed for all levels and abilities providing access to online and in-person classes.  It focuses on strengthening muscles and increasing range of motion for daily activities.  Classes use handheld weights, elastic tubing with handles and balls (all equipment is provided).

Our SilverSneakers classes may include:

  • Yoga – Move through seated and standing yoga poses to increase flexibility, balance and range of motion. A chair is used to meet a variety of fitness levels.
  • Classic – This workout includes fall prevention drills and exercises to improve strength and endurance. A chair and handheld weights or tubing are recommended
  • Circuit – This standing class alternates upper-body strength work with low-impact cardio to maximize fitness benefits. A chair and handheld weights or tubing are recommended.
  • Cardio – Elevate your heart rate with low impact aerobic movements and progressive intensity options.
  • Comeback – A great class for those rehabilitating from surgery, an injury, or managing a health diagnosis.  Comeback is a class to help strengthen the body in those weak areas.  We work on balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, cardio and much more.  Life ha a way of knocking us down, but Comeback is for those of us who refuse to stay down and remain defeated.

If you have an eligible Medicare Plan, you might already be eligible!

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We offer a wide range of program options for all individuals and body types that range from a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach, group fitness, small group and personal training.